Boutique hotel Margretha


We dare to make this statement, as Boutique hotel Margretha is really ready for a sustainable future!

We can proudly say that Boutique hotel Margretha has raised sustainability to the highest level. To achieve this goal, we have taken future-proof measures, which can be classified as follows:

  1. Realization phase hotel renovation in 2021
  2. Daily use of the hotel via innovative home automation/KNX solutions
  3. Daily work and maintenance
Innovation & Environmentally friendly solutions

The property was completely sustainably renovated and restored in 2021, taking the following measures:

  • Replace wooden ground floor with insulation floors in accordance with current new construction standards
  • Retention walls placed in front of all exterior walls and insulated in such a way that ventilation and heat loss is kept to a minimum
  • Roof insulation according to the current new construction standard
  • Low temperature heating and cooling (WKO) by means of a heat pump
  • 28 PV panels good for an expected yield of 10,000 kW
  • Air treatment and Co2 control by means of mechanical ventilation
  • Daylight and lighting presence circuits throughout the hotel
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the hotel
  • Home automation/KNX control of energy sources and lighting
Innovation in particular ensures sustainability

By using the latest technologies (home automation/KNX) we can keep the footprint for energy consumption to a minimum. Whether a suite is occupied or empty, we ensure that a suite is optimally making use of the energy consumption. Dit realiseren we met een aantal slimme oplossingen, zoals:

  • Detection of presence and absence of guests in suite during their stay
  • If there is no guest in the suite, the suite temperature is brought back to a comfortable temperature and the curtains are automatically closed
  • When windows or exterior doors are opened, the heating/air conditioning is turned off until they are closed again
  • Automatically turn off the lights when guests are absent
  • Switching off sockets in the absence of guests, so that residual current is kept to a minimum. Except for the sockets by the bed
Daily maintenance

For both guests and staff, the switch to environmentally conscious thinking has a positive impact on the business operations of our hotel. That is why we have implemented the following measures:

  • Separating plastic, glass and paper
  • Using biodegradable chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Use regional and organic breakfast
  • Informing guests about the desired waste separation in the suite
  • Availability of electric bicycle charging point