Boutique hotel Margretha


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Boutique hotel Margretha

The monumental Boutique hotel Margretha is an authentic, chic, modern and above all sustainable 4-star hotel. Centrally located in the center of Zandvoort, just 5 minutes walk to the beach, restaurants around the corner, and only 30 minutes by train to Amsterdam Central Station.


For you as a guest, we want to let you experience the unique properties of the monumental boutique hotel, that is our goal that we want to pass on to our guests. A memory to make your stay in Zandvoort unforgettable. Equipped with all the comforts and luxury that you can expect as a guest. Immediately upon arrival you will experience that feeling, we call it the WOW effect…

Boutique hotel Margretha has 6 spacious exclusive theme suites, referring to the history of Zandvoort. Each suite has at least a sitting area, dining area, kitchen, king-size bed, air conditioning, home automation and bathroom with rain shower. Some suites have a private terrace, bedroom and/or whirlpool.

Your ideal base for a beach holiday and/or city trip.


Our hotel

We offer a 4-star plus experience!Our spacious, homely "serviced" hotel suites offer you as a guest the warm feeling of an intimate boutique hotel with the comfort of a fully furnished apartment. At the same time we offer you the service of a hotel, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.The suites give you as a guest the extra feeling of independence compared to a hotel room. The suites are fully furnished with a sitting area, dining area and kitchen. Here you can relax and enjoy the moment.There are countless modern gadgets to create the right atmosphere.The buttons in the room (or via web app on your phone) give you the option to choose from a number of mood lighting scenarios. You can open or close the curtains at the touch of a button. Listen to music via bluetooth? All this is possible to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.In addition, our atmospheric, intimate common area offers you the opportunity to get together with other guests for social interaction.


Boutique hotel Margretha is ready for a sustainable future!We can proudly say that Boutique hotel Margretha has taken sustainability to the highest level. To achieve this goal, we have taken future-proof measures during the renovation as well as in the day-to-day management of the hotel.

Our service

A tailor-made full-service hotel!Boutique hotel Margretha offers all the services and comforts of a full-service hotel, but partly on a self-service basis. The choice is yours!We distinguish ourselves through cooperation with local parties.


Due to the unique historical features of the hotel and location in Zandvoort, we can offer various packages.